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    • book 23 Jan

      Kuwait Times http://issuu.com/130122212831-f8a36848bacb4b8db907a0935c9b55ca/

    • book Poverty and Social Exclusion in India

      This book presents evidence on how three groups that have traditionally faced exclusion in India - the Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes, and women – fared over a period of rapid growth in the country. It combines rigorous quantitative research with a discussion on the underlying processes that result in the exclusion of these groups.  http://issuu.com/110422154944-e19ed1a93f824ad99fc3287881049f3a/

    • book 31 Jul

      Kuwait Times http://issuu.com/110731053905-f75cc78c24eb460ab551dc094ce6178c/

    • book 17 Apr 2013

      Kuwait Times http://issuu.com/130416214824-8259f755631d4a1b8571d9b9b763234a/

    • book 18 Feb 2013

      Kuwait Times http://issuu.com/130217201907-3ba023f128d543dab7432200d6d9e561/

    • book Sharing Knowledge, Expanding Horizons: January 2008 Issue

      [ www.egovonline.net ] egov magazine is the Asia’s first and only print-cum-online magazine on e-Governance, focusing on the use of ICTs in governance. The magazine provides an extensive coverage on the latest e-Governance news and updates around the globe. http://issuu.com/100310115229-78365e88609c498c916dbbf05682a6c3/

    • book 18 Mar 2012

      Kuwait Times http://issuu.com/120318045755-2b0a1dc9af9347b69a8f782a87f5e813/

    • book Times of Oman

      Readers can view the latest publication by downloading e-paper http://issuu.com/140217031653-57592e6bea30933bb1d726d0b34bf9e1/

    • book Times of Oman

      Readers can view the latest publication by downloading e-paper http://issuu.com/140519031154-8aa917c938ae75ee1e0d1fcf0c23136d/

    • book 22 Jun

      Kuwait Times http://issuu.com/110622065215-9b861b40474543ae8e66a4d1d6be50ed/

    • book ICTs FOR THE POOR : May 2004 Issue

      i4d encompasses the role and relevance of ICT in various development sectors such as Rural Development, Gender, Governance, Micro-finance, Education, Health, Wireless Communication, ICT For Poor, Local Content, Culture and Heritage, and more.\nFor downloading an issue, please visit http://www.i4online.net/ http://issuu.com/100311044712-c50a3868f25b4905b74ab6db713d4709/

    • book Times of Oman


    • book IndiaPost_03-29-2013

      Voice of Indians Worldwide http://issuu.com/130322081937-56eb6cfdb09a40c6aa3c65dd43c91641/

    • book Times of Oman


    • book Times of Oman