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    • ppt View the Presentation - Boston College

      3 Mar 2011 ... Introduction; Children and Technology; Cyberbullying & Sexting ... Number of photos and text messages is expected to rise sharply in years to ... http://www.bc.edu/content/dam/files/top/alumni/alumnied/Can%20You%20See%20Me%20Now.ppt

    • doc Help Protect Children from Cyber Bullying & Sexting

      Recent data suggests that social media venues like Facebook and Twitter have ... using electronic technology) and “sexting” (sending a text message with pictures of ... •If harassment is via text and phone messages, change the phone number ... http://www.gbaps.org/hs/Preble/Parents/Documents/student%20services/Help%20Protect%20Children%20from%20Cyber%20Bullying%20Sexting.docx

    • doc Danielle Spark Bier - Sacramento - California State University

      The adolescent sexting epidemic can be psychologically damaging and illegal. ..... Facebook: the most popular social networking site that has more than 500 ..... Cell phones and the number of text messages sent and received are often an ... http://csus-dspace.calstate.edu/bitstream/handle/10211.9/1061/Dani%20Bier%20sexting%20FINAL%20VERSION%20WORD.docx?sequence=2

    • book Social Media and the Law: A Guidebook for Communication ...

      Shortly after Facebook's Initial Public Offering in May 2012, news outlets, including the Sunday Times in the U.K. and ... The articles made mention ofthe prospect ofkeeping minors safe from inappropriate content and the reality of trying to block children from accessing explicit text and ... Traditionally, prosecutors have used a number of existing laws to address sexting where one adult sends another ... http://books.google.com/books?id=WsASkzFO0W0C&pg=PA164&dq=sexting+numbers+to+text+facebook&hl=en&sa=X&ei=uUPXU-qIBOne7Ab_6oGoDw&ved=0CBQQ6AEwAA

    • doc Ex-sub at SAHS faces 'sexting' felonies - Bellefonte Area School ...

      16 Mar 2012 ... Zack is accused of sending approximately 4,300 text messages to ... She said Zack obtained her cellphone number from her Facebook page. http://www.basd.net/cms/lib2/PA01001269/Centricity/Domain/194/Ex-substitute%20Faces%20Felony%20Charges.docx

    • doc TEXTING/Sexting/Computer Safety for Children - Douglas County ...

      Sexting is act of sending sexually explicit information to someone via an ... foresquare, myspace, facebook, weeworld, club penguin, flickr, photobucket, meetup ... Text lingo is a combination of slang and typing shortcuts used when texting. ... telephone numbers, and communicating excessively with unknown friends. http://www.celebratedouglascounty.com/view/global/viewdownload/&docid=4278&file=/minutes1.docx

    • doc 3-8-14 thru 6-28-14 - City of Marshfield

      26 Apr 2014 ... “Sexting” refers to the sending and/or receiving of electronic messages ... The texting tip line gives children and adults the ability to text in tips of possible ... Wood County Crime Stoppers has also created a page through Facebook. ... If you know of a child that needs help, please call the following numbers:. http://ci.marshfield.wi.us/3_8_14_thru_6_28_14.docx

    • pdf Dallas Police Department Computer Crimes Unit Cyber-Bullying ...

      Dallas Police Department. Computer Crimes Unit. Cyber-Bullying. Sexting. And. Criminal ... through emails, web pages, text, and IM (instant messaging). ... compromising or doctored photos and the setup of Facebook groups that have the stated goal ... domain address, phone number, or other item of identifying information. http://www.dallaspolice.net/content/11/66/uploads/dpd_cyber-bullying.pdf

    • book Gavin DeGraw: A Biography

      When he was about 15 years old, Gavin DeGraw saw Billy Joel in concert.According to an interview with AOL, after the show, the young singer and piano player said to his parents, “Hey I think I know what I want to do for a living.... What we just saw, that concert, that’s what I’m going to do.”“That looks like fun, doesn’t it?” his father asked.“Yeah!”And his father said, “Well, that’s what you’ll do”And that’s what Gavin DeGraw has continued to do. ... http://www.scribd.com/doc/110647511

    • ppt Stakeholders’

      than the European average (especially as regards sexting and cyberbullying)....The numbers for the internet risks seemed to be too low. Known numbers ... //www.baidu.com/link?url=ZeMrbiLeByJwCH6gRmicjzTVjmWHmmxsmQ_14B2VJEMO40iwSpfRIeh_HoIM3aGjelDMLG06A5cSO_MQIOP4P_

    • pdf AMPLIFIER

      Post personal information, self-revealing in text ...The new trend among teens is called “sexting....numbers of books sold or royalties earned, but ... //www.baidu.com/link?url=IO8gzDbDLUYGNAa61dQhw-u9EuIr-_ZozYJYZVLJIY86AUteF_ZDtZ-p2457ZCTzkBxGgpXxq53msDhvg-cNRNRAmHg5obQiFgTBTVeoNiC


      message on Facebook! reading “Jumping off the gw bridge sorry” before ... “ Sexting” was listed in Time! magazine as the number one buzzword of 2009 ... Sexting is a part of sexual communication using CMC, such as text/picture/videos . http://ehs.siu.edu/her/_common/documents/prospectus/prospectus_1/hudson-prospectus.pdf

    • pdf Child Safety Online

      Italy in 1988 to strengthen the research ...numbers, however, with the age of firsttime ...sexting’ (sharing of sexualized images or text ... //www.baidu.com/link?url=vSuHmZqfo-oZspmDqw5i0fSrIUidGeQJGsUjts9244gobdNE5NI3TiJEK3hnxfayK49czkz9sW_EiV97CnmCyy6FAomjoeRS4NXqGi9_zQO

    • doc Download File - Woodridge Elementary PTSA

      Cyber bullying; Social networking sites; Sexting; Internet safety tips ... of all harmful content; Print screens of social networking/emails; Save text messages ... between adults vs. teens is that adults know not to put their date of birth year and phone number. ... Instagram's age requirements is 13, Facebook is also 13 years old. http://www.woodridgeptsa.org/uploads/4/9/3/2/4932649/internet_crimes_against_children_task_force.docx


      This study explores participation in sexting by teenagers in the United States. ... results, a number of policy implications are made regarding the best ...... the introduction of the “new media”, or digital technologies such as MySpace, Facebook,. https://dspace.iup.edu/bitstream/handle/2069/1880/Renee%20D.%20Lamphere.pdf?sequence=1

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