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Quicklet on Criminal Minds Season 5

ABOUT THE BOOK Criminal Minds Season 5 aired on CBS, and ran from September 23, 2009 until May 26, 2010. The show follows an elite team of FBI criminal investigators, known as the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), as its members travel the country working to solve grisly murder mysteries and arrest the serial killers responsible for them. During its premier season, Criminal Minds was the newest iteration of crime scene investigation TV programs, competing with such shows as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Crossing, Law & Order: SUV, and Medium, many of which were also broadcast on CBS. Given this context, Criminal Minds has consistently focused on setting itself apart from the crowd. To accomplish this, the show has regularly relied on both its cast of actors and its focus on psychological profiling. As Season 5 began, Criminal Minds had established itself as a leader in the crime scene investigation genre.

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